About Company

Our Safety Assurance

Ramps is committed to a zero harm environment for our employees, contractors and partners.
Our employees share the responsibility of ensuring that our QHSE system is always maintained to the highest standards. Through proper planning, training, hazard identification, inspections and investigations, risks are managed to prevent occupational hazards.
Our safety assurance system provides a clear context and guidance as well as defines the standards we expect from our operations.

We Take Safety Seriously!

We follow established procedures, and in all cases, go beyond appropriate professional legislation. Training is provided to everyone undertaking work for Ramps to ensure personal protection and to reduce the risk of harm to others and the environment. Management is responsible for ensuring all parties are given the appropriate knowledge and equipment to deal with risks they face in the workplace. Our employees, subcontractors and visitors are always required to follow our QHSE policy. Failure to do so can lead to disciplinary action, dismissal or legal action.
Observance of our QHSE system helps us to strive towards zero accidents and ensure an injury-­free workplace for everyone.